Writing and Editing Services

I have two decades experience writing and editing for nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, and universities. I offer clients the following services:

Writing: My expertise is in synthesizing complex information to produce a wide range of communications and fundraising materials, including research briefs, journalistic accounts, grant proposals and reports, concept papers, speeches and PowerPoint presentations, magazine articles and newspaper op-eds, press releases, newsletters, annual reports, blog posts, and social media content. (Clips are available upon request.) Clients are free to use language developed for an individual project as a template for future materials.

Editing: I also review and revise existing materials. Editorial services range from intensive, big-picture feedback on accuracy, clarity, and structure to a pre-release polish focused on grammar, usage, and style. The process is customized to meet client needs and may involve multiple rounds or reviewers.

For more information, you can reach me at danATdanielbrowneDOTnet.